New project! part VI
Time flies, some years since I updated this page, will try to get up to speed quick now. You can find me at Facebook under Lars Brandow.
Anyway here is some pics on stuff that happened since  2009.
After a couple of years i got a anoying dinging sound from the rear axle.
Out went the axle.
  Here is the pin that have loosened and hit the outer torque tube.
It had been nudging the tube for some time.
Its the inner ring that was created by the pin.
 Assembled again and welded up this time. 
Both sides :-)
2011 it was time for some change, During the winter i unbolted the fenders.
A mix of Chevay taillights and new repro bike lights.
I also added some 1932 Studebaker president headlights.  
And i have been enjoying my car during the summers, attending different meetings.
Here I am at a local thursday at Kvarnparken Linköping.
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