This is the engine I got when I bought my 33 Roadster.

Im taking it apart to see if it´s something worth saving.

And so far so good, some stuck pistons and vales. The cylinders are not bored. Maybe it will be a runner again.

img_5441bmedium_small.jpg img_5449bmedium_small.jpg img_5463bmedium_small.jpg img_5467bmedium_small.jpg
img_5472bmedium_small.jpg img_5495bmedium_small.jpg img_5497bmedium_small.jpg img_5500bmedium_small.jpg
img_5514cmedium_small.jpg img_5515bmedium_small.jpg img_5516bmedium_small.jpg img_5518bmedium_small.jpg
img_5524bmedium_small.jpg img_5639bmedium_small.jpg img_5641bmedium_small.jpg img_5642bmedium_small.jpg
img_5645bmedium_small.jpg img_5648bmedium_small.jpg img_5656bmedium_small.jpg img_5660bmedium_small.jpg
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