Model A Roadster

This is a picture from the building of my  "Volvo" Roadster. In the beginning of the 80's it became legal to build cars in Sweden again. I think it was in 1968 that to build your own car in Sweden become illegal, of course you could build it and then crash test it to if you wanted to be able to run in the streets!!!. Nobody did. Sture Torngren And Göran Ambell did a great work to make this legal again Thanks Sture and Göran.

When it was legal again I started to build my Dream car. I really wanted a Model A Tudor but I couldn't find a decent body. So I had to start with a Glass fibre copy of a Model A roadster instead, and keep on looking after a Tudor body. Somewhere during the time I think I stopped looking!

Ok I started to build in 82 with a frame that I bought from a friend, that had started to build a rod but only got the frame built. The frame didn't have any brackets on it, so I started to put on parts (engine, rear axle, front axle).

  Frame picture Here is the Chassie almost complete. I use pedals from Volvo of course
the engine is a Volvo B20, and that is the Swedish Chevy 350 very good engines both of them.   Dreaming on soon ready Dreaming on.
  First trail run.   One of the first test-drives. It says new tires 87.08.28 on the picture
  Inspection by Svensk Bilprovning   The Swedish government (Svensk Bilprovning AB)  inspections the car in late 1988. As you see there is no paint on the car, I tried everything out for the first year to see if there would be any cracks in the glass fibre body.  
Since everything seemed to work ok, no cracks, I painted the car in 89. I used DuPont Centari 400 paint. It's like a cellulose color that can be rubbed out for that last shine. Great when you paint in a garage, and get bugs and dust in the paint.  
  Painted the dark brown parts.  
The car was built in this garage with only ordinary hand tools. Nothing fancy, of course I got help from my friends, You can't do this without friends you know.  
  Completed car at last
This picture was taken autumn 97 near my home; there was I man living in that house in the background until 1964, no electricity or water in the house. Yes its grass on the roof (not the smoking type :-))
  The Cocons II Here is where my kids spent some of their youth; this is from Västerås Street Rod Nationals 1990. I have used the car every summer since 1988 for summer vacation trips.    Copyright © 1997 Flatlanders, All rights reserved.
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