Rover Meteor V12 Race car !
Well long time no update. 
there has been some up's and downs in my V12 project, but i will share some 
summer memory's with you, that peaked 2005 at Power Hot Rod reunion at Malmby, and 
this year i attended fri fart dagen ( means free speed limit day, and nothing else;-) )at our boat museum 
During the spring 2005 it started to come together.
A friend of mine fabricated adapter's from Ford Transit bolt pattern to 5x5 inc  bolt pattern, so i could add my new spoke wheels.
And another friend and did some workswapp , and i laid my hands on this 18" wire wheels.
After some sandblasting a lick of paint. and new inner tubes. The wheels where fit for fight again.
This is how the steering box mount came out. Steering box is from an old Volvo 445 (Duett)
I made a hood with some sheet metal and piano hinges, pop riveted together..
I bent the lower hood part's into an U using two angle iron's in a wise. a and some hammering.
This is the tool used to press out the crank hole in radiator cover. I made the tool to make floor mounting point's for my 42 Coupe floor.
Radiator cover almost ready.
I had to make a small bulb on the hood to clear the oil filter.
I had to make some bling parts to :-)
A fan from a Saab 9000 is a bit on the small side, but if you drive carefully it works OK ;-)
had to make a V12 loud pedal to.
Fill her up please. Made a new fuel tank. I had to empty it four times before all pinholes were  welded up.
On my first roll out, the coolant system sprung leak, it had worked for two years previous. And it was the take of for the four cylinder generator engine used in the tank that was the problem.
Bought a spare set of spark plugs from Suisse, and got a chocolate cake as a bonus ;-)
My father attended the first test run.
Some white paint, 
Assembled , looking quite nice.
Loaded up to the first meeting, Malmby Hot Rod Reunion 2005. 
A quick stop to see that everything still hanging on.
At Malmby there was quite a lot of people looking.
A quick tire swap, its to wide to fit on the trailer with both wire wheels on.
Then i took it out for a spin on the drag strip
Then my son and I cruised the area.
And too soon it was time to go home again. Time flies when you have fun.
2006 Fri Fart dagen at Museehuset
53 caddie.
Simca 1957 
A Riva boat is passing in the channel, at high speed.
24 Litre Steerling Coast guard boat engine from 1924. 
Here is a short film showing a test start. 

 Steerling coast guard engine running 

Every hour i took a spectator out for a short spin back a forth. 
Here is some videos from my test drives. 
 First test drive during Winter 2005 

 My first test run  spring 2005. 

 My youngest son and his girlfriend takes the V12 for a test drive 

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