1956 Volkswagen Cabriolet
Update IV
It took some time, but finally i picked up what was left of the body from my local sandblaster guy 
So now the work begin. 
Remember Rust never sleeps!!!
I guess the weight should be at the other end of the trailer, but it was only a 5 mile drive, and quite wet on the roads so i took it easy.
The unpacking started quickly ;-) Rain was hanging in the air.
This was no surprise.
Not this either.
Not  even this.
But this i did not expect, i guess I'm an idiot. But i did not have at thought that the "parcel" shelf  was this bad.
Well I'm going to replace both front fender wells. So this i no problem.
Now i understand why i couldn't get any heat at the foot area ;-)
Some more bit's missing.
After i unloaded it i had to put it on the pan, just to get some inspiration.
Does not look so bad but i guess 50% must be replaced at least.
Standard VW rust no bigwig.
Nice lead work straight from the CARMAN factory 1956.
I had cut out some "spare" parts from the 58 Sedan.
This is a spare hood, that i will use to fix up the original one.
Now i only have to find some semaphores.
Fifteen minutes after i arrived home it started raining, that the reason for some brown spots, and tissue hanging around.
More spare parts.
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