1956 Volkswagen Cabriolet
Update II
Time for a short upgrade on my VW Cabrio Project, actually i made most of the work 
around christmas. Ive only been slow with the typing/publishing on the webb. I will keep 
project this on the backburner for the summer.But then you can expect more pic's
Here is some of the pieces i cut off the 58 Sedan.
As you see the sandblasting really showed how much rust there was on the 56.After spending 30 year outside.
I started to rebuild the floorpan. 
After removing the front lower crossmeber i found more rust
Replaced that part with some 2mm mild steel, i had laying around.
With the botom part in place, it was time for the upper part of the crossmemeber. 
Used this steel rod, in the hole to align the parts so i couls scribe where to make the cut.
 Before welding it together i had to add the part so it wouldnt be crushed when the body is mounted.
Finishwelded looking like new again.
Then it was time for the "corner" parts.
Halfway there.
Both "corners replaced with parts from the 58 Floorpan.
Then it was time for the left floorpan portion, i save a bit of the 56 floor. Since the gaspedal mount differs from the 58. But he 56 part was in worse shape than i thought, so i had to fix the 58 floor.
First i removed the 58 throttle pedalmount.
Including one weldnut.Flattened the two parts with hammer and dolly.
Used the  56 floor pan part to find where the holes should be drilled.
I used a thin (1 mm) cutting disc, this is good since it leaves a nice gap when acetylene welding in the new (old) part.
Cut out a bit and moved it outwards a bit, so it will be like the 56 floor.
Everything welded up, and some more grinding and you may think it came like this.
The it was time for the rear lift mount's, i have to remove them since they are not used on the vert. its incorporated in the added Vert rails.
What can i say more rust ;-)
Ooops Whats the brom handle doing pushed up the rear??
Well since someone cut of the shift rod i had to use the bomhande to push it out-
Had to remove a piece of the bottom part, since the choke bowden cable rubber was stuck and i could not install a new one! ;-(
Maybe yo remeber that someone used an acetylene torch to cut out hole in the rear of the pan. When doing this he (she) also cut of the fuel line. The piece of steel is the rear mount, that i had to remove
Managed to lay my hands om some copper/nickel 6mm tube (sam dia ass the original tube)
The manual said to push the tube in from the front, so i did,. And it worked sort off.
I had to cut another hole to guide the tube right thru the second mount.
Time to weld everything up again.
Used a bit from the 58 pan again, im gld i bought that one.
Someone tried to remove the gearbox with teh gasaxe to. so i added a piece of steel,going all the way across, and left my mark on it ;-) Maybe someone will remove it 2050, and wonder who LB was :-)
When the rear was fixed i changed focus to the front.
Disassembled the front icluding the spindles, using the old sockets in wise trick.
Then i mounted one of my new dropped spindles, to be able to check out the stance and how much to narrow the front beam.
As you can se the dropped spindle add some width to the front end
12 mm to be more exact (thats 1/2 inch)
So i removed the beam mounts.
I mocked up the front end on the floorpan.
Then i added the front bpdy part from the 58.
And went out in the shed and got me an fender.
After some fiddling around i decided to cut of the upper shock mounts. and mount them a bit out, so they not hit the frontsheet metal. 
Looking quite good ;-)
Time to shortem the front end. First i made a frame of some angle iron.
I used some hose clamps, to be able to cut it of straight.
There was some old grease in the tubes, had to dig all that out befro welding it together .
I used some exhaust tubing to put inside, to keep everything straight.
Used my hoomebuilt frame to assemble the front end again, i made it  around 60mm shorter in total.
I have to add some gusset's to the shock mounts, when time comes.
Floorpan all welded up and a coat of primer on it. So now i can use it as a ground for the body work.
If i can dig out the body, looks that i bought a new project to!! ;-) I must hurry to get the Vert ready, so i can start with my new 1942 Roadster pickup project. 
Well guys thats it for now, see you in August.
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