1956 Volkswagen Cabriolet
Well after a couple of years it was finally time to start with my VW Cabrio repair 
(this will not be an renovation more like a reparation), i have collected some cars for parts, 
and bought  some other stuff, Like Semaphores, Petri Steering wheel and so on.
I know its not a vert. but its a 56 sedan that i bought cheap, to use for spare parts.
The engine started up after an oil change, unfortunately there was only some emergency brake working on the right rear wheel. So i could not drive it so far.
Nice after market gas pedal, that i may use in my Vert. 
The interior is quite good to. And that's is nice since i probably need to use parts from it to refurbish the Vert seats.
I also found a 58 Sedan, very rust free. This one was put in the barn in 1975, and had only been driven  50000 miles. A two owner car.
The engine had been standing in the barn collecting some rust over the time.
The flywheel is rusty but the engine turns freely and the spark plugs looks Ok, so I'm sure it can be started up again.
The good thing with the 58 was that the floor pan was almost totally rust free. 
So this summer i drilled out hundreds and hundreds of spot welds, to get the floor pans  free.
One off , one to go.
Can you believe that these two are from 1958!
Well finally it was time to bring home my Cabrio, from the barn where it spent the last two years under a dry roof. An unusual experience for it since it spent its life outside since the seventies, and a big part of the sixties, hence the nice look.
Back in the garage :-) Time to dismantle.
Here is the vert hood, it looks better then it is from this side.
Some rust in the engine bay.
I used the acetylene torch to heat and scrape of  old rust proofing materializes its the original blue color that see daylight for the first time since 1956.
I will let the picture's speak for them self.
i added some steel bars in the door opening to keep the body from falling into pieces.
I guess i have to replace the ashtray?
rolled outside, for the big separation.
I turned it over on the side, to be able to remove the rusted out floor pan bolts.
Nothing left of the Cabrio rails.
All bolts cut off. Time to separate the floor pan from the body.
Oops now it almost look like junk, what have i done :-)
Rust rust, but this will be saved for some restorer, Since i will use the 58 front lowered and shortened.
Checkout the front beam bolts, it can be a good idea to check them out on you beetle to maybe.
The pedals has rusted solid.
Fortunately the floor is quite good under the pedal's , since this area differ from the 58 floor pan, i will try to save it.
What can i say more rust.
Time to remove the bitumen, with a wire brush and some heat, and a scraper.
More rust, i will remove some more parts from my 58 pan to fix this.
This was a surprise to, some time the car must have been hit hard from behind, the end piece of  both gearbox mounts have been replaced.
Someone cut this hole with the gas-axe to be able to remove the gearbox, something more to repair. The front gearbox mount has one ear broken of to, probably happened when the car was hit from behind.
All bitumen removed, and time to send it to the sandblaster.
A better view on the front end more rust, you can see the part of the floor i saved.
I have bought some stuff for the floor pan, such as lowering spindles, and lowering kits for the beam. and some bearings and brake stuff.
Well this will do for this time.
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