Ford 1942 Business Coupe
Project update 2000-11-17 Back on track again, its fun to repair rust (not ;-) )
Now it was time to fix the bottom of the left door, and close up the corners in the lower front part of the body.

When i started with the corner i found a real wasp nest.
First i made the inside pieces .
The right side was not so badly rotten  as the left one. 
First part of the left side ready.
Before i continued with the left side, i had to build a cover (cage) over the hinge "nut".
First side ready (left).
Right side was easier. Here you can see that the door is 40mm longer. because I've decided to skip the running boards. I will manufacture 40 mm lowering parts for the corners, and the part between the door and the rear fender,
Some small patches in the door opening.
 Now its time to concentrate on the left door. I repaired the right door four years ago fortunately iv kept all 
the paper templates i used for that door. To be able to reuse when repairing this one. 
 The start point above.
 Needs a little love and care
The front corner was strengthened with a steel channels it was originally.
Bottom part is put in place, 
 I used plug welds to connect door bottom to the steel channel.
I have made the choice to go without the running boards
Bottom front parts of the door needed replacement to.
Front part ready.
Lower rear corner ready, I'm getting there.
When the inner part was done, i put on the outer skin.
After welding the hole length, i used lead to get the right shape on the bottom door part.
The last part to fix on the body (almost). Halfway trough.
Its just to weld up the last part around the cowl vent left to do :-)
The center parts was quite easy to do. But the corners where another issue.
To Make things a bit easier, i made the corner from two bits, that i welded separately. The old part is on the right.
Then it was just the easy part to do. Weld it into the body.
Specification Ford 42 Coupe

Type..........Ford flathead 8 BA
Induction....Fenton Manifold 3 Stromberg 81
Camshaft....8BA Truck
Ignition........Original Nos
Exhaust....... Home Built headers.
Heads.......... Original today But I'm looking for some aluminum heads Not Edelbrock or Offenhauser, Got any ??

Frame..................Original C,ed in rear.
Front suspension..Super bell tube axle 4-inch drop axle Posie spring split wishbone.

Rear suspension...Original with With long shackles "Special "aircraft" shock kit tube type this was an old after market kit that i found at a swap meet.

Tires, Front/Rear... Firestone 5,60 by 15 8,20 by 15 Whitewalls.
Wheels.................. Volvo 810 15" rims They have the old Ford bolt pattern.

Drive train:
Transmission........3 speed original gear box.
Rearend...............Original 46 Ford 3,54

Model..................Business Coupe
Modifications........Removed Running boards, mild custom.

Not yet but i think about flat black with flames, suggestions anyone?

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