Ford 1942 Business Coupe
Project update 2002-10-30  More then six months since the last update. I've been busy with my day work actually i have 
change employer. But now i have passed one big milestone, the Swedish car inspection. And we had the warmest summer
in hundred years, so not much time spent in the garage. 
But before the big day there still was some assembly work to do. This is what i found when i opened the plastic bag, the rubber molding was off! But since it was a couple of years since i bought it i could not send it back. So check what you get.
The rubber moulding also needed some trimming with an X-acto knife.
After the rubber work it was time for the electrical system, i built a new  from scratch, 
For some odd reason i saved all the metal i replaced on the body. Anyway this is it, i also replace both rear fenders plus one front fender and the hood.
Something missing, the Badge, the hood badge is usually broken and min was totally missing 
But I found the NOS one on the right  (the six model) on Ebay for a lot of $$$.A couple of months ago a flathead friend from New Zealand contacted me and said he reproduced the badge, and he offered to sell one to me :-)
Looking good or what.
Here I'm test driving the gauges, i found an 12 to 6volt converter at the local car parts company. And now it drives the gauge cluster.
Her I'm mounting the six way seat on the original Ford seat. 
I only had some minor adjustments to get the assembly to fit the seat..
No upholstery this year :-)
Since there was no interior left i had to produce it myself. here I'm using a plastic sheet to create a pattern. 
Then i transferred the pattern to some waterproof "masonite"board.
Worked out quite good, next winter i will put some vinyl on it to.
This is an 42 only stainless trim part, I found it at the ad section.
Looking good,this was the last trim piece i was missing.
The BIG day, on my way to the Swedish car inspection.
It says Welcome on the sign, and i actually felt welcome
Outside waiting. 
In the hall
I made it thru, the inspector is standing on the right.
After the inspection it was back in the garage, for a couple of days. Waiting for number plates, and to get the information into the BIG government Computer.
 During the wait i had some improvements to do.
Blue dots :-) 
After three days i got this package in the mail.
I ripped the package open.
Finally ready for the road ;-)
Here follows some pics of the ready car.
The engine room, its originally looking, because of the Swedish rules. there will be some improvements here during the winter.
But say the happiness that is forever, after 2000km the gear box got stuck in second gear!.
It was the third gear sync ring that had sized. 
No big deal i just took out an spare gearbox out of an corner in the garage. And mounted it held up for a Week! I got a bit heavy on the gas pedal and teared of six cogs of first gear. So now is the first box back again fixed up with some new parts.
The big surprise when i removed the gearbox was that release bearing center was turned down by the pressure plate arms!!!!!! 
This is with the pressure plate unloaded, and the arms will go more into the center when its bolted up on the flywheel.
The pressure plate is an Borg&Beck, and no one i asked know about this problem. I have later learned that there is two models one with slighter shorter arms. The one i had was for the 24 spline gearbox.
A couple of phone calls later, i had borrowed an lightened 8BA flywheel re drilled for an 10" 59Ab pressure plate thanks Björn 
3,5 kilo was removed from this one.
And the 59 AB rams fitted right this time :-)
Specification Ford 42 Coupe

Type..........Ford flathead 8 BA
Induction....Fenton Manifold 3 Stromberg 81
Camshaft....8BA Truck
Ignition........Original Nos
Exhaust....... Home Built headers.
Heads.......... Original today But I'm looking for some aluminum heads Not Edelbrock or Offenhauser, Got any ??

Frame..................Original C,ed in rear.
Front suspension..Super bell tube axle 4-inch drop axle Posie spring split wishbone.

Rear suspension...Original with With long shackles "Special "aircraft" shock kit tube type this was an old after market kit that i found at a swap meet.

Tires, Front/Rear... Firestone 5,60 by 15 8,20 by 15 Whitewalls.
Wheels.................. Volvo 810 15" rims They have the old Ford bolt pattern.

Drive train:
Transmission........3 speed original gear box.
Rearend...............Original 46 Ford 3,54

Model..................Business Coupe
Modifications........Removed Running boards, mild custom.

Not yet but i think about flat black with flames, suggestions anyone?

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