Ford 1942 Business Coupe
Project update 2005-12-01 Still long time no update, I've spent the timer driving the wheels of my Coupe, but i finally 
thought i would do an update on how i swapped the original 42 dash for a much nicer 51 dash 
By the way after changing to the softest "advance curve" springs (blue) the Dizzy works like a dream. 
After a couple years I finally laid my hands on a 1951 Ford dash, straight from California, A big   Micke F  
I never had liked the 42-48 dashboards and this is what I started with.
Left side is not looking better.
After disassembling the 51 Dash I put it up beside a spare 46 Dash, a small size problem here.
I after removing the original dash I trail fitted the 51 dash and it was a bit too wide on the right side
The steering column lined up ok with the gauge cluster.
Of course it was a bit too wide on the left side to.
 They say that the first cut is the deepest, but we have to start somewhere.
New trail fit, it fits well against the steering column.
I cut out a piece of the 46 dash, apparently the 51 is mounted a bit closer to the firewall then the 42-48, Anyway by using this bit I could retain the original mounting points.
After that it was the small matter of fitting the right part of the dash metal.
This will give you an idea how much the dash was shortened. I had the metal mesh cadmium plated to give it a nice finish.
Trial fitting for the millionth time, but its starting to look good.
A small piece of metal solved the hole on the right side, I put in a bit of curve into it. So it will look more manufactured.
Since the front V did not line up with the firewall, I had to cut two slots along the front part. 
It goes from 0 to 11mm (that's half an inch to you at that other side of the pond). I cheated a bit and put a 20mm wide strip under the slot and tacked it together. Will use some led to cover up my crime later.
Had to drill a hole to get stop the glove box door arm hitting some body parts.
Now it was time to get my Scotch Brite type discs out, to grind away the old paint, they are a bit expensive but worth every krona ;-)
After that I had to tackle the right side, used some bits from the original dashboard, and then tacked, test mounted, and finally welded it up.
Now its time for the windshield moulding's, I made this tabs with press in M4 nuts.
Here I test mounted the moulding's, and you can see a bit of the right upper corner that I had to make to
I know that you can buy new glove boxes, but am not sure there is a 51 in a 42 type, and I had not time to wait for the shipping from USA. SO I built my own, out of steel.
I made the upper and lower parts first, connected them with two strips of metal, to keep it in place during the manufacturing of the side parts.
Since am planning to put a stereo in the box, I had to make a hole in the backside, Used two different size socket in a wise.
This is how it came out; its a fast way of making nice looking holes.
The glove box ready, looking good or what,,,
After some more test fitting I found out I had to add another half inch steel strip, to get the windshield moulding's in the right place.
After cleaning the area thoroughly, I put on some flux before bringing out the lead, you have to heat the flux first and wipe it off with a rag, to create a good ground for the lead.
Halfway done.
Lead work done, be sure to use breath filters and was after this grind work, lead is deadly as you know. I don't have the skill to make the surface 100%, so there will be I thin layer of Bondo over it.
Since I have the ignition switch/lock in the steering column, I chose to put the start button in the original place for the 51 ignition lock/switch.
I made a u shaped metal piece, with a slotted hole that the start button fits in.
Then I welded into the Ignition lock hole in that dash.
I ordered some genuine green Kustom Kemp knobs (made in China!!!!) anyway they look wicked.
I primed the dash with some grey filler, before I added the Bondo to fix all the bumps in the dash.
After some sanding I primed it with grey primer (its a Hot Rod you know), and I started to assemble the whole unit at the workbench.
The finished result, if I can say it myself it looks GOOOOOOOD! ;-)
Maybe some pin striping would make it better.
This is how the glove box came out. And its a good picture on the right corner that I had to add.
Specification Ford 42 Coupe

Type..........Ford flathead 8 BA
Induction....Thickstun Manifold 3 Stromberg 81
Camshaft....8BA Truck
Ignition........MSD Pro-Billet
Exhaust....... Home Built headers.
Heads.......... Original today But I'm looking for some aluminum heads Not Edelbrock or Offenhauser, Got any ??

Front suspension. Super bell tube axle 4-inch drop axle Posie spring split wishbone.

Rear suspension...Original with With long shackles "Special "aircraft" shock kit tube type this was an old after market kit that i found at a swap meet.

Tires, Front/Rear... Firestone 6,40 by 15 8,20 by 15 Whitewalls.
Wheels.................. Volvo 810 15" rims They have the old Ford bolt pattern.

Drive train:
Transmission........3 speed original gear box.
Rearend...............Original 46 Ford 3,54

Model..................Business Coupe
Modifications........Removed Running boards, mild custom.

Opel Rally Kadett hood flat black.

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